UAE space mission ‘Hope’ successfully enters orbit around Mars

UAE space mission 'Hope' successfully enters orbit around Mars

UAE area mission ‘Hope’ efficiently enters orbit around Mars

According to a report by a far off press agency, the primary space mission of the Arab world ‘Hope’ has been successfully completed, UAE vice-chairman and Prime Minister Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum wrote during a tweet that the mission is complete, the space mission Hope in orbit around Mars. Arrived

The spacecraft, the dimensions of an SUV, entered Mars orbit on February 9 at 9:14 pm Pakistan time.

The Hope mission left Japan on July 20 and reached the Mars after an extended journey of seven months.

Following the success of the Hope mission, the UAE has become the primary Muslim country and therefore the fifth within the world to realize such an excellent success within the program .

According to the report, it’ll land on the earth within the next few months. After entering the orbit, the mission controllers on the bottom could confirm the historic success with a sign .

It should be noted that the UAE’s Hope Space Agency is that the first major space mission to orbit the Mars orbit Mars for a full year (two years of Earth) to make an in depth map of the weather there.

Sarah Al-Amiri, the top of scientists leading the mission, says it’ll be Mars’ first weather satellite , with its unique orbiter helping it monitor every a part of Mars.

According to the report, if this mission succeeds in mapping the weather on Mars during one year, it’ll be the primary time that an entire picture of the weather on Mars is going to be revealed to humans. The data will help scientists understand the changing seasons and environment of Mars, which has been protecting it for 14 billion years.

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