These 6 Mistakes About Summer Hair Care Can Damage Your Hair, Increasing Hair Loss.

In summer, if you do not take care of your hair, it can cause further breakage and drying of your hair

Summer can be stressful for us in many ways. In summer, your skin and hair can lose their health. Sunlight can ruin the moisture and beauty of hair. In the meantime, you have to work hard to take care of your hair. But all your hard work can go in vain. Keep in mind these 6 Mistakes for Summer Hair Care plane

If you do not take the necessary steps to protect your hair from the sun and sweat, your strength may deteriorate and your hair will look dry and lifeless. In addition, strong sun rays can damage your hair in the long run. Sometimes it also has a bad effect on the hair follicles. To do this, take care of your hair before going out or taking a bath so that your hair stays fresh and shiny in summer.

Don’t make these mistakes with your hair in the summer

1 Avoid bathing in the pool or sea

Many people like to go to the beach or the beach in summer but it can be harmful to your hair. Sea or pond water is very salty. It contains a lot of salt or chlorine. It removes the natural shine and shines from the hair. Due to the low pH of the hair, it becomes weak and breaks down quickly. In this case, even if you take a bath with sea or pool water, then wash your hair with plain water.

2 Tie the hair tightly

Many people keep their hair in pairs or braids during busy work or study but when the hair is tied too tightly, they break more. The scalp sweats a lot in summer. In this case, the hair is more likely to break and if you tie the hair tightly, it breaks more.

Tie the hair tightly

f your hair is oily then it is more likely to break, so instead of tying your hair tightly, keep it open for a while but do not start playing with the hair at the same time. Choose good hair accessories so that they do not get stuck and break.

3 Cover hair before going out

Many people like to dye their hair or follow different hairstyles, so you should take more care of your hair in summer. Be sure to cover your hair when leaving home or the office. It also protects the hair and reduces the risk of breakage due to contamination. This causes the hair to lose its color and the essential proteins and vitamins for the hair remain. You can use a scarf or hat for this.

4 Do not wash your hair with very hot water.

We know that many people get a lot of rest after bathing in hot water and they can sleep peacefully but this hot water can be harmful to your hair. This can dehydrate your hair and make your scalp oily. This causes the hair to break more and become thinner. Instead of bathing in hot water in summer, bathe in cold water and dry your hair thoroughly. It gives more shine to the hair and strengthens the hair.

5 Do not tie hair with a towel.

Many people do not have time after bathing, so do not wrap your hair in a towel. This can weaken wet hair and cause breakage or entanglement in the towel. So after bathing, dry your hair with light hands and do not try to use a hairdryer. Heating can damage the hair. Hair can also get tangled.

6 Take care of hair after bathing

When bathing, wash your hair thoroughly to remove dirt. Only use conditioner. When you shoot and do not rub the hair with a towel to remove excess water from the hair. Comb your hair only when the hair is dry properly, otherwise, your hair may break further. Also, be sure to apply the serum to the hair and cover the hair well before going out. Include more protein and green vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of water.

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