Legendary actor Agha Talesh’s death anniversary

Legendary actor Agha Talesh's death anniversary

Today is the anniversary of Agha Talesh, a well-known actor in Pakistan’s film industry. He died on February 19, 1998.

He had won the most prestigious Nigar Award of Pakistan Film Nigri seven times for his brilliant performance. After the formation of Pakistan, Talesh stepped into practical life from Radio Peshawar Center and then turned to film.

His real name was Agha Ali Abbas Qizilbash. He was born on November 10, 1923, in Ludhiana. Prior to the partition, he had acted in a film made in Bombay.

In Pakistan, Agha Talesh played various roles on the big screen and won the attention of the audience. His famous films include Nath, Jheel Kanare, Sat Lakh, Baghi, Shaheed, Sohail, Farangi, Zarqa, Watan, Nind, Zeenat, Amaro Jan Ada which were the most successful films of his time. Apart from Urdu language films, he also acted in Punjabi and Pashto films.

If he ever appeared on the screen in the guise of a Nawab, an honest and conscientious police officer, in a movie, he played the role of a dacoit, he would win the hearts of the audience in the role of a compelled father. Agha Talesh is one of those artists who had a passion for acting and when he got a chance, he played every role so well that the audience could not help but pay tribute. He also played negative roles in many films.

This accomplished actor of the Pakistan film industry is laid to rest in the Lahore cemetery.

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