How to defeat Corona Explain the method and win more than Rs 8 lakhs

How to defeat Corona Explain the method and win more than Rs 8 lakhs

The UAE state of Sharjah has announced that it will pay more than Rs.

According to Arab media reports, Sharjah police have announced that if any citizen has a way to defeat Corona, they should inform him and get a chance to win the New Open Innovation Award.

The announcement was made by Sharjah Police on the occasion of the inauguration of the Innovation Leap. It has been reported that any citizen residing in Sharjah can apply for this program.
Col. Tariq al-Madafah, director of the Institute for Development and Strategy, said the award was divided into two parts, one on methods and the other on implementation.

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He said citizens can apply for the award individually or in groups, but if a team is participating, it should not include more than four members and they have never won a prize before. According to the report, applicants can register till March 20 and share their ideas.

What should the method be?

The director of the agency said that the petitioners can send research on topics related to prevention, prevention, recovery, vaccination, virus or any other method that would be helpful to the government in the fight against corona.

He said that the received ideas will be reviewed by the experts after which the winning person or team will be paid 20,000 dirhams (Rs. 862,000) as a prize.

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