Bollywood actor arrested? Interesting comments on the photo

Bollywood actor arrested Interesting comments on the photo

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a dispute broke out between two groups as a result of which the police arrested several people. One of the people taken into custody is a person who is being compared to a Bollywood actor.

According to Indian media reports, a quarrel broke out between two stone throwers over the issue of setting up a stall at Atti Market in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, which turned into a bloody confrontation.

The two groups used sticks and clubs against each other, injuring several people.
Police took action against the enraged people after 20 minutes, after which the officers rushed to the spot and arrested eight persons from there and shifted them to the police station. According to police officials, 12 persons were also injured during the altercation. He was shifted to hospital.

When the police shared the photos of the arrested suspects, everyone was shocked to see them because one of the people arrested was a man who looked like a Bollywood actor.
Some internet users called the detainee a well-known scientist, Einstein, while others compared him to Bowman Irani, who played the role of a virus in the Bollywood film Three Edits.

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